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here you can find links to sites poking fun at america's favorite deity!

they are in no order.

Newest Links
Site URL Description
what would Jesus do? microfiction.org/wwjd/ Here's what Jesus would do in your situation if he were alive today...
Archived Links
Site URL Description
Jesus Plays the Catskills jesusplays.org/ A Classic of Jewish Humor
The Jesus Dance jesusdance.com/ dance the millennium away (this site is apparently no more)
The Miraculous Winking Jesus winkingjesus.com/ maintained by Rev. Jonathan C. Chance (Internet Field Missionary)
Jesus of the Week jesusoftheweek.com/ a wise Post-It note once said, "Jesus is coming. Look busy."
The Jesus Homepage members.aol.com/jesus316/ I'm Jesus Christ. I'm a messiah. This is my story.
Jesus Dress Up! jesusdressup.com/ hang in there, baby!
Jesus seeks loving woman datejesus.com/ an invaluable Jesus resource formerly known as jesus.com
Ask Jesus crucify.com/ he'll talk to you (these links are dying left and right)
The Jesus Test hedning.no/... make a wish... it might come true
LordCo lordco.virtualave.net/ Repentance Is Futile
Jesus Christ - Vampire Hunter odessafilmworks.com/... The first testament says "an eye for an eye." The second testament says "love thy neighbour." The third testament ... KICKS ASS!

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